Daejeon Civic Youth Choir
Dreaming Trees make Future Forests!

The Daejeon Civic Youth Choir is a Municipal Performing Arts Group belonging to
Daejeon Metropolitan City, one of the six major metropolitan cities in Republic of Korea. Daejeon Metropolitan City is a city with a population of 1.5 million, and it is a good place to live because of its combination of science and art. The Daejeon City Youth Choir(DCYC) was established in 1982 with the support of Daejeon Metropolitan City and is leading the revitalization of youth music culture in Daejeon.

The Daejeon Civic Youth Choir, which creates a new chorus with excellent technique and advanced technique, has been active in concert performances such as regular concerts, project concerts, and visiting concerts.

The Daejeon Civic Youth Choir took the opportunity to become active on a worldwide scale through the 14th International Youth Music Festival in Kumamoto in 1988. The two 'Environmental' musicals, which were "The Singing Songs, Calling all kinds of Birds" in 2000, and "The Lightning Beetle's Songs" in 2009, received reviews to have great effects on building upright characters for adolescents and making creative culture music. In particular, the performance of our youth choir who only participated in the United Kingdom's Edinburgh Festival as well as the Chichester Concert was the beginning of the rising up of the domestic and world stages as cultural ambassadors.

Also, they participated in the World Symposium for Choral Music (WSCM), which was hosted by the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) which is under the UN UNESCO Organization as a representative of the Korean Chorus in August 2014, and from 2012 the Intermediate and Concert Choirs performed individually or combined with a wide repertoire of songs, and they are gaining attention as an ideal chorus from all over the world.

In 2015, they participated in the International Chorus Festival, which was held in the cities of music, Vienna and Salzburg in Austria, and also in Prague, Czech Republic., and performed to the whole world with the pure soul of the sound of the Daejeon Civic Youth Choir's beautiful harmony.

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