Seokwoo Ko Artistic Director & Conductor,
Seokwoo Ko

Conductor who raises the level of musical completion through the close relationship with a member of the chorus from Classical music to Musical theatre and dynamic chorus of Opera.

Artistic Director & Conductor, SeokWoo Ko began to notice professors after graduating from Diploma with excellent grade at the National Conservatory of Music in Trento, Italy. He joined the 「Quadribium Choir」 of the National Conservatory of Music as the first Asian member and learned musical expression and choral conducting expanding various repertoire from the Baroque to Modern era. He decided that he wanted to be a choral conductor so he studied a range of subjects such as choral conducting, art direction and liberal arts during the course. At the time, the director of the National Conservatory of Music said "He was the best foreign student in the history of the Conservatory for 250 years."

In addition, he studied at the Italian OPERA SINGING Opera Diploma and Italian International Academy ORFEO having an interest in opera chorus, and participated in conducting training course for studying musical expression of Russia at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

After returning to Korea, he began activities KBS Daejeon Children's Choir as Artistic Director & Conductor. He was highly praised by various media when he performed on the stage as the conductor of the Hyangnadeul Disacled Choir, the CL Voice Ensemble Youth Choir. Besides, he was further recognized for his conducting skills, invited to overseas stages such as Japan Music Association, Saipan Festival and Wright State University in the United States. From 2021 to 2022, He was valued for raising the level of the performances by performing various choir programs as the Artistic director of the Na-Ju Municipal Boys and Girls Choir.

Since March 2023, he has been appointed as the artistic director of Daejeon Municipal Youth Choir and begins a new journey to complete more in-depth choral music. He believes that the choir members are the main protagonist of the stage through a lot of the experiences with the choir. Furthermore, We are looking forward to his stage, which will bring out and harmonize the pure voices of members with his passion for music.

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