Ticket reservation through online is able to choose the seat.

Online Reservation : dcyc.artdj.kr / ticket.interpark.com

Telephone Reservation : 1544-1556


Ticket reservations are available on the phone and online until 5p.m. the day before the event day

Reserved tickets can be found at the ticket office of the concert hall at least 20 minutes before the performance starts.

Please note that telephone or online reservations are not available on the event day.

Customers who reserved tickets on the event day are davised to check their reservation number, identify card, and purchaser information such as online reservation screen.

Tickek purchase on-site

Tickets are available from the ticket office one hour before the event starts.

If tickets are sold out in advance, customers can not purchase them on site


Group discounts will be applied for group reservation of 20 or more people. (3 days before the event day until 5pm on weekdays)

Please note that one should contact the Daejeon City Youth Choir Office directly to get discounts.

Contact the office for help : +82-42-270-8374

Ticket Cancellation Information

A 10% cancellation fee will be charged after 24 o’clock on the day of reservation.

Cancellation of the reserved ticket is only possible within the cancellation date.

Cancellation is only possible at the place where the ticket was purchased.

It is not possible to cancel a part of tickets or to change the date, time, class, or seating location

Tickets must be re-booked after canceling all existing reservations.

If the ticket is refunded due ti an event issue, no extra fee will be deducted.

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